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ASU Fraternity Suspended

Jewel Iijima

March 6

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Tau Kappa Epsilon is known for their crazy fraternity parties, and over Martin Luther King weekend this might be their last. You would assume this party was just for fun because of the long weekend, but the fraternity had a rather...

Amanda Bynes…You Okay?

Lindsey Molk

February 27

Filed under Business Currents

As many of you know, Amanda Bynes remained an innocent actress of the 90s and early 2000s just up until 2012. Her downfall began when she got charged with two DUIs both in the same year, but that is not exactly what caused all t...

No More BCS Championship Game

Rachel Davis

February 17

Filed under Business Currents

That’s right, 2014 was the last year college football will have the BCS Championship bowl. For the 2014-2015 season the system is being revamped. Like many other sports and leagues, college football will be having playoffs to ...

Polar Vortex?!

Madeline Jackson

February 11

Filed under Business Currents

You think 50º is cold? Try minus 11º! Throughout the US, people are experiencing record low temperatures and cruel weather which experts are calling the “polar vortex”. According to The Guardian, all 50 states dropped belo...

Coming to Terms with Typhoon Haiyan

Maya Collier

January 11

Filed under Business Currents

From fires to hurricanes to tornadoes to volcano eruptions, natural disasters have connotations of being events that uproot the lives of the survivors and destroy the landscape of the land the disaster was inflicted upon. Reflec...

Four Marines Killed in Training Accident

Tyler Chaney

January 7

Filed under Business Currents

Four Marines were killed during training at Camp Pendleton, Utah, on Wednesday, November 14. According to a recent military investigation, human error was the cause for the deaths of the Marines. The incident occurred when th...

Xbox One: the Ultimate Entertainment System

Marshall Compagno

December 11

Filed under Business Currents

The ultimate entertainment system is here. Microsoft’s next amazing invention came to stores and was completely sold out within the day. Over one million Xbox One gaming consoles were sold within the first day. With the Xbo...

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