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The Unheralded State Champions

Sameed Irfan

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Which team at Catalina Foothills High School has won the state championship three years in a row while being accessible to every high school student? If you guessed the Speech & Debate team, then you are correct!

There are two facets of Speech & Debate. The majority of speech events consists of ten minute theatrical performances where the student finds a script to use and performs either individually or with a partner. However, if a theatrical performance doesn’t sound particularly appealing, one can also write a ten minute speech, either with or without props, or perform a different event where one receives a topic and is given three minutes to prepare for a seven minute speech.

The second facet about Speech & Debate is exactly what it sounds like: a debate. There are two different types of debates a student can participate in at the CFHS Speech & Debate club. The first type of debate is Public Forum, in which a team of two debates against another team about current issues using statistics and facts. The other type of debate is called Lincoln Douglas, in which an individual debates against another individual about ongoing issues using philosophical theories.

One of the largest benefits of Speech & Debate is the ability to apply the skills you learned both in school and outside of school. One of the coaches of the Speech & Debate team, English teacher Taylor Johnson, who participated in Speech & Debate when she was in high school, says, “My experience with Forensics is instrumental to my comfort speaking with larger groups of people, such as the students in my classroom [and] my ability to think through the logic of someone’s argument.”

However, Speech & Debate is not only about work. Many of the members on the team cite Speech & Debate as one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences they have ever engaged in. The President of the Speech & Debate team, senior Payton Baker, says, “I have never participated in anything that has allowed me to develop my relationships with my friends as much as Speech & Debate has. The community here is really strong, and there is nothing I enjoy more.”

If Speech & Debate piques your interest, the team meets in room number 605, every Monday & Wednesday after school until 4:45 p.m.

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The Unheralded State Champions