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Getting ready for Jekyll and Hyde

Photo Credit: Hikaru Igarashi

Photo Credit: Hikaru Igarashi

Hikaru Igarashi, Journalist

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Everyone is eagerly waiting for the play, Jekyll and Hyde. It will open on Friday, Oct. 30, with other show dates on Saturday, Oct. 31, Sunday, Nov. 1, and Thursday through Saturday, Nov. 5 – 7.


The cast includes of Justyn Zeider, Ryan Callie, Isabelle Tinsley, Stefanie Tedards, Robert Espinoza, Savannah Runge, Mary McCabe, Darien Austin, Samara Attridge, Bradley Uphold, Miriam Arden and Austin Catt.


Before opening day there are intense preparations that are currently taking place among the cast and crew.


The cast has been rehearsing for two to three hours daily after school for two months. Sometimes the cast members stay after those hours to get extra help on scenes they aren’t comfortable with or get extra help with their lines. Cast members usually read their lines for another hour when they get home.


Austin Catt, a senior and cast member said, “Altogether I spend about five hours a day preparing myself for the show.”


The settings will have a different mood to them depending on their locations within the play. For example, Jekyll’s house will be a normal house but Hyde’s room will be spooky.


The props include chairs, tables, and books. Although, the props that will stand out the most will be the cane that Hyde’s character holds throughout the play and a dead body. All of the props are being created by the creative students on the technical side of the play.


Overall, the production is prepared. The students in tech have the props assembled together and have plans for lighting to make the mood more eerie for the audience. For most of the members in the cast, this play won’t be their first show and they are aware of how to efficiently use their time.
Buy your tickets as soon as possible. They cost $8 and can be bought at the bursar’s office.

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Getting ready for Jekyll and Hyde