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October 7th: Fall Choral Concert

Photo Credit: Hikaru Igarashi

Photo Credit: Hikaru Igarashi

By: Hikaru Igarashi, Journalist

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The Catalina Foothills fall choral concert was in the auditorium on Wednesday, Oct. 7 from 7 p.m. to 8:25 p.m. There were outstanding performances by the Women’s Blue, Falconaires, Change of Pace, Women’s Silver and Concert Chorale.


Before the concert, all of the performers were gathered together in the choir room to warm-up for their first concert of the year. Everyone was in high spirits and extremely focused on the directions of the choir director, Ms. Seitz.


Annika Morken, a junior and member of the Women’s Silver ensemble said, “I felt nervous but excited at the same time. I felt nervous, because I didn’t know if we were going to remember everything that Ms. Seitz had told us. But, at the same time, I felt excited to perform and show my family what I had accomplished after a lot of hard work.”


At exactly 7 p.m., the lights in the audience dimmed out and the Women’s Blue Choir stepped onto the stage. The first song they sang was “Haida” followed by “Farewell, My Friend.” Overall, the ensemble members’ countenances matched the tone of the songs and they had strong dynamics.


After the first two performances, the Women’s Blue remained on the stage but moved to the right of the risers. The Falconaires walked onto the stage and joined the Women’s Blue to sing “Siyahamba.”


Women’s Blue Choir left the stage and Falconaires, a male ensemble, sang three songs called, “Abschiedslied der Zugvögel,” “Cindy” and “Goodnight, Ladies.” The men had a large variety of pitches that surprised the audience.


Change of Pace sang “Autumn Leaves,” “Then She Smiled,” “Crazy” and “I’m Beginning to See the Light.” For “Crazy,” soloist Justyn Zeider sang his part well with the other members of Change of Pace singing in the background. They made the music more engaging by incorporating drums and a cello.


The songs sung by Women’s Silver were “Ave Maria,” “In These Delightful Pleasant Groves,” “O Lovely Rose” and “The Sow Took the Measles.” For every song, there was great diction and harmony between the parts.


Finally, Concert Chorale took the role of finishing up the concert. They sang, “Bright Morning Stars,” “Ute Sundance,” “Sicut cervus” and “Walk in Jerusalem.” Paul Cannon was the soloist for “Bright Morning Stars;” Kira Zeider was the soloist for “Ute Sundance.” The ensemble was loud and there was a nice blend of the baritones, sopranos and altos.


Within the concert, there were two “performance experiences” by Caia Ross, Sophia Rankin, Marlise Karson, Darien Parris Austin, Samara Attridge and Mary McCabe. “Performance experiences” is a new type of event where a soloist or a group of soloists sing in between ensembles.
Throughout the entire concert the audience was quiet and intently watching every performance. At the end of the concert, both the audience and the choir members were excited and pleased with the performances.

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October 7th: Fall Choral Concert