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20 Things Every Incoming Senior Should Know

Credit: College Crew

Credit: College Crew

Victoria Ariate-Jover, Journalist

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As a senior, there are many things that I wish I knew when I was a junior going into my senior year. Here are some things to help you get through your senior year.


  1. Senioritis is 100% a real thing, and it’s dangerous. It is worse when you enter second semester, but just hold on tight and you’ll fight it as best as you can.
  2. Go to all the school functions: dances, games, bonfires, concerts, etc. Who cares if people think they’re lame? It’s your last year to hang out with your friends and be a kid.
  3. Do not procrastinate applying for colleges and scholarships. Your stress level will double if you wait a week before the deadline.
  4. Just because you’re a senior does not mean you can stop respecting your teachers. Remember that some of them could be writing letters of recommendations for you and they are helping you graduate. Respect them.
  5. Participate in spirit week and cheer loud at pep rallies. It’s only lame if you make it lame.
  6. Spend time with your friends as much as you can. It’s more than likely you will go your separate ways next year in college, so live in the moment.
  7. Make time for yourself. It is a big year for you and you have a lot to figure out before you go out into the real world.
  8. Do not build your decision for your future based on your family, friends or significant other. Do what makes you happy. No one knows you better than yourself, remember that.
  9. Keep your options open for college. Not only does it allow you to see more beyond your hometown, but it is nice to have options available to you.
  10. Sleep. I cannot stress how important this is. Getting a full night of sleep is more important than not turning in an assignment. Feeling like a zombie at school is not fun.
  11. Be nice to underclassmen, especially freshmen. We all know how annoying they can be, but we were once in their shoes and terrified to be in a big place with so many people. It wouldn’t hurt to be nice to them everyone once in awhile.
  12. If you need or want to retake the SAT or ACT to get scholarships or get into a school, do it. The quicker you do it, the better since there are deadlines for applications.
  13. Spend time with your family. You’re leaving them next year as well.
  14. Seniors always get front row at sporting events. Always.
  15. Do not think getting accepted to an in-state school is an average thing just because everyone gets in. Congratulations, you got into college. Be excited about it!
  16. There are other alternatives if you were to not go to college after graduation, such as a job, the military, or travel. Don’t feel obligated to go to college just because everyone else is.
  17. Don’t skip class all the time. Grades still count and colleges will be looking even after you get accepted.
  18. Appreciate all of the little things like not paying rent, no 12-page papers, enjoying homemade meals. You will realize that you should’ve taken advantage of the little things that happen in high school.
  19. Have fun! Remember that while you’re having fun you need to be smart in the decisions you make. You don’t want to throw away the rest of your life for one mistake that could have been prevented.
  20. You’re only in high school once, take advantage of that.
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20 Things Every Incoming Senior Should Know