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How to Prepare for Standardized Tests

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Katy Nowicki, Journalist

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One of the biggest occurrences of every student’s four years in high school is the occasional standardized test.


According to Brain Connection, tests like this either cause major stress on students, or they do not at all depending upon if the scholar decides to study. Whether students study for these exams is another factor, but for those who do prepare for them, there are tips and tricks that can be used to receive a good score on tests such as the AzMerit, AIMS, SAT, and ACT.


Possibly one of the biggest pieces of advice to give to any student taking one of the exams is to get a good night’s sleep. This can be tremendously hard to achieve for the average teenager, but it is guaranteed to make test life the slightest bit better. The human brain automatically functions much better when it is well rested, resulting in a bigger probability of scoring higher.


Of course, it is also a big advantage in the world of exams, and being a student, to study for the test you are about to take. Parents and teachers may stress this, as it is the most self-explanatory piece of advice when taking a test. This could be done by creating note cards of topics, skimming over notes taken, or making practice questions to answer without looking at notes.


Another significant piece of advice when preparing for a standardized test is not to rush through it. Often times students will rush through their exams to finish faster and get back to their normal schedule, not realizing that they could be making mistakes on the test.

Junior Phoebe Sandock at CFHS stated “I do my best to prepare for any standardized test. I typically try to get at least eight hours of sleep a night, and make flashcards for any key terms on the exam.”


By following simple guidelines, students are guaranteed to get better scores.  





“13 Tips for Prepping for Your Next Test”


  1. Spread out your study time.
  2. Do not study the course, only study the test and topics on the test.
  3. Know what is fair game.
  4. Know the format of the test.
  5. Organize your notes you will be studying with.
  6. Memorize stuff first like vocab words.
  7. Know the concepts.
  8. Study as much as the grade you want.
  9. Re-reading assignments is not always effective, other tactics need to be used as well.
  10. Study with a friend.
  11. Take advantage of review days in class.
  12. Do some self-testing.
  13. Attempt to take the last few hours before the test to review notes.


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How to Prepare for Standardized Tests