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Justin Bieber Back At It Again With The New Album

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Kassy Carreon, Journalist

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You do not have to be a Belieber in order for you to think this album is great. After releasing three hits in a row, “Where Are U Now,” “What Do You Mean?” and “Sorry” all during last year, there was no doubt this album was going to be amazing. This album includes artists like, Big Sean, Travis Scott, Halsey and even Nas.


Justin made a big come back after having some hard times in 2014 and 2015.


The 19-track deluxe album was released on Nov. 13, almost a year after he digitally released his other album “Journals.” The YouTube sensation has won many awards, and this year he finally got his hands on a Grammy along with Diplo and Skrillex for their song “Where are U Now.” The next song to become a single is going to be “Company” which is track number six. The album “Purpose” is aiming to show a more mature Justin Bieber and not the poster boy we are all used to seeing.


On my first listen it became obvious that this album was heading a few different directions stylistically. “Mark my words” is a ballad, and “I’ll Show You” is more of an up-tempo song. Bieber did a good job at making the album sound different from the rest of his other albums.


“Love Yourself” was a cool change of pace for the album and sounded a lot like “Home To Mama” which is a song that Bieber teamed up with Cody Simpson in 2014 to produce. Bieber is a great vocalist and does well on his acoustic tracks. He did an amazing job collaborating with Big Sean and Travis Scott for his songs “No Pressure” and “No Sense.” Those two songs were more of R&B, urban sounding songs.

After hearing the singles that the radio played, I was expecting more songs with Diplo and Skrillex on the album. However, I do think that he was able to get his idea of this album through to people because many reacted in a good way. He wants more people to see where he’s coming from.


People liked Bieber for this album because he was able to make the transition from a teen Idol to more of an adult artist. Not only are the teens playing his music, but since “Purpose” came out, you can hear his music being played by all types of people. I think that his collaboration with Skrillex made people change the way they looked at Justin and his music.


I felt that the song “Children” was very random for this album, but I do feel he got his message across with this song saying that the children of the this generation can make a difference. The album seems to have a couple of distinct sides to it mostly because it goes from Skrillex to Travis Scott and then to more acoustic songs like “Love yourself” with Ed Sheeran.


In the first track “Mark My Words” Justin Bieber admits that it is about his well-known ex, Selena Gomez. This song introduces the album so well because the following songs are coming from a more mature Bieber and not the one we are used to hearing.

“I’ll Show You” talks about how his life can get complicated at times even though he has everything he could ever ask for. Sure, he can sing about having everything he wants and being young and rich like other artists, but that is not the purpose of this album.

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Justin Bieber Back At It Again With The New Album