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Winter Haven: The Festival of Lights

Hannah Collingwood, Journalist

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In Tucson, Arizona; the weather in the winter never truly feels like winter. There are no white christmases and the temperature never gets below thirty. One of the main things that does make it feel like the holiday season is Winter Haven. During December, every house in Winter Haven is extravagantly decorated with lights and everything imaginable to bring the holiday season to life. Winter Haven has been around for 68 years and has become a tradition every year for families, friends, and couples to see. There are even tractor-drawn carriages that take riders on a grand tour through the neighborhood. Additionally, Winter Haven is a free experience. There are a bunch of donation stations set up at the front asking everyone to bring a can of food to help the homeless. While it is not mandatory to do this, it is respectful and helpful to those who do not have a warm fire and home to be at with family and friends. Winter Haven is open from December 9th to December 26th, 6pm to 10pm. On the last day of the event, they allow cars to go through and see the lights from there. This happens only on the last day because most everyone prefers to walk the neighborhood then take a car and drive around. Winter Haven has lost a big supplier to help this wonderful event continue for so long and sadly, this may be its last year, everyone go because its your last chance to get a look at this amazing neighborhood during the holiday.


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Winter Haven: The Festival of Lights