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Top 5 Best New Year’s Resolutions

Allyson Hadley, Journalist

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New Year’s Resolutions are often too far-fetched and difficult to maintain throughout the whole year. The following five New Year’s resolutions are the most realistic and are the most achievable ones of 2018.


1. Changing Unhealthy Eating Habits.

Millions of people each New Year’s pledge to lose enormous amounts of weight forcing them to use methods such as unhealthy dieting throughout the year or quickly giving up. Rather than focusing on losing huge amounts of weight it is effective to focus on changing unhealthy eating habits causing a natural, healthier loss of weight.

Salad bowl.2. Make Time for Family and Friends.

This is a fantastic resolution that can be applied to almost everyone. Throughout the year the pressures of school and work consume most of your time however, spending an hour or so on the weekend or thirty minutes here and there just catching up with friends or spending time with family is extremely beneficial in relieving pent up stress. It is important to attempt to balance a person’s time.  

3. Try New Things.

This is a very common resolution that allows people to expand their horizons and break out of their comfort zones. However, saying you “want to try new things” is not specific enough. A great goal is to at least try one new thing each week. This can range anywhere from trying a new restaurant you have always wanted to go to or as grandiose as planning a trip to Paris. The possibilities are endless on this resolution!City of Paris.4. Get More Sleep.

This is a resolution that everyone should be fighting to achieve. Throughout the year the stresses and pressures from school, work, and life in general make it nearly impossible for you to get an adequate amount of sleep. Some specific ways to achieve this goal is to plan out your activities during the day to make time to get that extra thirty minutes to an hour of sleep. Also, knowing when to put your phone down is key. Often people will spend hours on their phones that could be used for sleep. Turning your phone over and getting to bed will increase how much time you will actually be asleep for.

Girl sleeping. 5. Volunteer More.

Volunteering in your community is an extremely rewarding experience for the community and for yourself. However, finding volunteer opportunities can be difficult. Before signing up for any activities make sure to conduct research on the organization you will be volunteering for. Consider joining a volunteer organization that will provide you with many diverse opportunities to get involved in the community. Volunteering allows you to learn more about yourself and your community.Hands at a concert reaching for a sign that says community.

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Top 5 Best New Year’s Resolutions