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St. Patricks Day throughout the world

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St. Patrick’s day is a greatly appreciated holiday that is celebrated nationwide. Around the world there are traditions, parades, and festivities that take place for this holiday. In the United States, St. Patrick’s day is celebrated to acknowledge Irish-American culture. People celebrate with parties, drinks, and food! In Ireland, St. Patrick’s day is celebrated in more of a religious way, similar to Easter or Christmas in the United States. Throughout the world this holiday is celebrated for many different reasons, different countries celebrate it in various ways.

        In Chicago, Illinois they celebrate St. Patrick’s day with a parade and they dye the Chicago River green at 9:00 a.m. In London, the United Kingdom celebrates this holiday by lighting up the London eye green for Ireland’s Patron Saint. In New York, very much like London they light up the Empire State building green, orange, and white. In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil they have a tradition to light up the Christ the Redeemer statue green. In Paris, France they light up a roman catholic church that near Paris high point. In Vilnius, Lithuania similar to Chicago the Vilnia river is dyed green in honor of St. Patrick’s. In Sydney, Australia similar to previous countries they light up Sydney’s famous opera house, fun fact is that they charged 8,000 euros and more, well other landmarks remain free on St. Patrick’s day. Last but not least in Cairo, Egypt the pyramids are illuminated by green lights making a beautiful St. Patrick’s glow.


Photo by kiki Wang on Unsplash

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St. Patricks Day throughout the world