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The History of Prom

Nyah Williams, Journalist

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Prom, an enchanted experience students have been waiting for since freshman year, is coming soon. It is a glorious night for high school students to get dressed up, dance, and have the night of their lives. This tradition was born in the mid-1800s known formally as promenade, the introductory parading of guests at a party. Promenades originally took place at colleges to teach the graduating class social etiquette and manners. By the 1930s, prom had taken America by storm as it transitioned over to high schools. In the 1950s proms went from being held in gymnasiums to being held in luxurious hotels because of the economic boom of World War 2. Speaking of luxurious, one lucky class of the 1970s celebrated their prom in the White House as hosted by President Gerald Ford’s daughter. One tradition that has changed throughout the years is corsages. Not many know that corsages were originally made for the girls’ waist. From the very first prom in the 1800s to now, many traditions have carried through and some have ended, but to all, it is a fun night to get dressed up and be free to enjoy the company of friends as they dance the night away.


Photo by Rushina Morrison on Unsplash

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The History of Prom