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Time Management 101: How to Have a Stress Free Year

Yusuf Rahman, Journalist

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As the school year begins, many of us begin to take on new and harder challenges. Oftentimes, these challenges we take on are in the form of advanced classes. Whether we’re freshman getting used to the rigor of high school courses, or incoming juniors taking multiple AP classes, we all have to learn to acclimate to the difficulty. These new challenges result in lots of stress for many students. But it doesn’t have to. Knowing how to manage your time well is critical in adjusting, and is key to having a successful year. If you learn how to prioritize and budget your time well, you can avoid a lot of the stress that comes with the school year, and even have fun.

The most basic and easily one of the most effective way to manage your time is to simply use your planner, the handbook given at the beginning of the school year that is often ignored. Simply knowing what you have to do makes what seems like a very daunting workload a lot more manageable. Checking off all of your tasks one by one is not only very satisfying, but can even help motivate you, as your list only gets smaller and smaller. Taking breaks between tasks, while seemingly counterintuitive, are very helpful and can help you to refocus and reenergize. While having a to-do-list is very helpful in keeping track of your work, oftentimes, we get sidetracked by something else, wasting a lot of precious work time. For many of us, our phone is the biggest culprit of this. But turning off your notifications can easily mitigate this. After a while, you’ll forget your phone even exists, as you aren’t being bombarded with notifications.

Not only do many of us take difficult, higher level courses, but we also participate in extra-curricular activities. Whether this includes sports, clubs, or even volunteering in the community, we are often very busy outside of our schoolwork. However, even the most demanding schedules can be managed effectively. The key is prioritizing; your homework and classwork should always come before any other activities. Sometimes, you might just need to skip that practice or meeting if you have a long essay or project due the next day. Communicating with teachers and coaches is also very important; letting your coach know beforehand that you can’t come to practice or letting your teacher know that you might need to make up an assignment on a later can be very helpful. This can help you to manage your activities and schoolwork without having to sacrifice one or the other. On the other hand, if you find yourself still extremely occupied to the point of losing sleep even with proper time management, then you might just be spreading yourself too thin. If you’re doing something that takes up hours of your week and you don’t even like it, then you should drop it. In the end, you’ll be much happier; your grades won’t slip, you will be happier, and you will be far less stressed.

Even with many difficult classes and extra-curricular activities, your schedule can be managed with ease. Effective time management means you won’t spread yourself too thin. School doesn’t have to be stressful; with effective time management, you can not only be successful, but also enjoy this year.



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Time Management 101: How to Have a Stress Free Year