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How Not to be Boring

Saylor Copening, Journalist

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  1. In order to not be boring, you must be interesting. To be interesting is to have something intriguing to say. There are many people who can carry a conversation, but there are also a fair amount of people who lack the ability to do so. Most conversations consist of one another talking about themselves. What makes a conversation interesting is the ability for someone to talk about interesting and relatable topics in their own lives. For someone who is boring that might be complicated. They don’t have anything interesting enough to talk about in there own life, no hobbies, no interests, nothing that’s worth mentioning. People who are interesting have plenty to share, they are full of opinions. If you are trying to become more interesting, find a hobby and find more interests.
  2. In order to not be boring, you must become spontaneous. In order to become more spontaneous you have to let loose and do things that go beyond your comfort zone. Doing things beyond your

    Thus picture is of a persons arm writing on a piece of paper with coffee on the side

     comfort zone may seem scary and unwelcoming, but it can help you break free from the same old routine. Boring people seem to do the same thingsevery single day, breaking away from that ultimately helps you become a more interesting and happy person.

  3. In order to not be boring, you must push in social situations. Sometimes certain people can feel frightened by expressing themselves in a way that they truly feel they deserved to be heard. This fear results in not saying or expressing anything about themselves. This ultimately causes them to seem boring. In order to not be boring especially in social situations, you must push yourself to talk to those around you. It may seem scary but the only way to overcome it is to just do it.
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How Not to be Boring