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Hot Spots in Arizona

Taylor Skidmore, Journalist

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High school life is tiring and difficult, and at times every student needs a good break from the hustle of high school. Not every student can take a tropical vacation out of state to relax within the school year. Within our own state of Arizona, there are several attractions and hotspots that are perfect for a weekend of fun, excitement, and a break from the busy high school life.

A few hours outside of Tucson- about two hours to be exact- is the famous city of Bisbee. Bisbee at first glance seems to be just a simple, old dust town with nothing truly exciting to visit. Well, that’s not completely true. Bisbee is packed full of historical sites, attractions, and interactive events to really express the true history of the city of Bisbee. Within Bisbee, there are a wide variety of historical tours, sightseeing tours, and fun mini shows and plays. If you’re into the scarier-side of life, there are haunted buildings and ghost tours throughout the city to satisfy your love for the spooky and unexplainable. There are several tours for the historic city of Bisbee. Many are centered around the history of Bisbee and how the city got its famous name. Arizona also has several natural sites to see. One of the glorious sites to visit in Arizona is The Wave. The Wave or the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in Page, Arizona is a combination of four main ranges of naturally-created small mountain ranges. It is called The Wave due to the combination of different minerals that makes the mountain side look like waves in the ocean. This national monument is a great attraction for group hikes and perfect for pictures. There are several different routes to take that all show the beauty of this monument. The Wave is a long ways away from Tucson, but it is definitely worth the trip.

If visiting historical cities and glorious natural monuments isn’t your idea of a fun weekend, then there’s much more to offer from Arizona. Within the state of Arizona, there is many fun parks and attractions to see. If you’re in the mood for a high intensity attraction for a wild weekend go to Castles n’ Coasters in Phoenix, Arizona. Castles n’ Coasters is an amusement park filled with roller coasters, attractions, and games to do that won’t leave you bored. The park has fourteen attractions, including a full length mini golf course, also a arcade with a go-cart track that winds through the whole park. Tickets start at $30 and include specific passes that allow you full access to the attractions. With Phoenix only being two hours away, this is a great way to have fun and get out of Tucson for a quick trip.

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Hot Spots in Arizona