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Pros and Cons of an Artificial and Real Christmas Tree

Saylor Copening, Journalist

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There are many pros and cons of having a real christmas tree. The good news for buying a christmas tree is families tend to bond and have christmas fun! When purchasing the tree there are a lot of options to choose from to fit your style and size for your home. A real christmas tree gives off a natural christmas aroma that is noticeable throughout the house. Once the christmas tree is all used up and the holiday season is over they are biodegradable and won’t harm the planet.

There may be many good sides for purchasing a real christmas tree but there are also several bad things that come with it. Buying a real christmas tree each year may be expensive. Also in order to take care of the tree you must water them daily. Real trees can sometimes be a hassle to clean up with so many pine needles and the entering and exiting of your home. Real christmas trees may be a danger to your home because they are grown with pesticides which can be hazardous. Also they may bring bugs and fungi into your home and are extremely flammable which is also dangerous.

On the alternative there are many pros and cons to having an artificial tree. Artificial trees save money because you can use them every year. You can customize your tree by choosing other colors that are offered. Artificial trees aren’t as overwhelming because they are very easy to set up and there is no cleaning or watering required. Although an artificial tree may save time and money it loses some of the factors a real tree offers. Artificial trees have no special smell or aroma that gives off the holiday season vibe. Artificial trees are not biodegradable and take up storage space in a home. Artificial trees may be a danger to a home because they are very flammable as well

This picture has four pine trees covered by snow during winter.

If you choose to purchase a real christmas tree there are many tree lots that offer all sorts of christmas trees around tucson. Those tree lots include:

-10310 E Drexel Rd

-12010 N Thornydale Rd

-2140 E Tangerine

-2225 W. Ina Rd

-5075 N Oracle Rd

-4751 E Sunrise Dr.

If you choose to purchase an artificial tree they are sold at most home improvement or department stores, such as Lowes, Home Depot, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, etc.


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Pros and Cons of an Artificial and Real Christmas Tree