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National Pie Day

Tyler White, Journalist

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National Pie Day in the US takes place in January 23rd of every year. This small holiday was created during the time of the mid 1980s by a man named Charlie Papazian. He was a nuclear engineer and a brewer. He decided to have this holiday on January 23rd because that is when his birthday is. This holiday allows people to enjoy different types of pies and overall have a humble interaction with friends and family. Although it may seem like a joke at first, National Pie Day is officially recognized as a holiday after it was sponsored by the American Pie Council in 1986. The American Pie Council was founded by the idea of preserving the pie heritage and culture in the country. They hold many events and competitions which are related to pie. Because of this, they strongly supported the creation of National Pie Day. In order to promote this holiday, the American Pie council partnered with Paramount pictures to create a scene in a movie called Labor Day, where events relevant to National Pie Day would be depicted. Many people who have viewed this movie became aware of the holiday, and some may even have celebrated it. There are many different things which could be done to celebrate this holiday. First, you can teach a friend or a family on how to bake pie. Aside from making delicious pie, this event gives an opportunity for everyone to spend time with each other. Another option are to simply enjoy pie by purchasing them in local grocery stores, and eating them with your friends and family. Although National Pie Day is a small holiday, it could be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.

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National Pie Day