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AP Testing and Course Selection Information

Yusuf Rahman, Journalist

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As second semester continues and May comes closer and closer, AP testing approaches as well. In May, students across the nation take these tests, and Catalina Foothills is no different, as there is a diverse AP course selection available. However, there is much information before then that needs to be gone through before then. First, the registration window for AP exams has opened. Registration can be done through the bursar’s office or through InTouch. Each exam costs $95, although fees can be waived if eligible; visiting the counselor’s office will help determine whether you are able to get a fee waiver. Secondly, the schedule for this year is available here. If you have multiple exams on the same day and time, then contact Ms. Petrillo to arrange a late exam so you can take every test you have a conflict for. Finally, it’s important to start reviewing all of the content from your AP courses now, so that you are able to review everything comfortably come May, rather than having to cram for exams at the last minute. There are also many review books available on the market for every exam, which can serve to be a helpful tool in your studying.

Not only is AP testing coming soon, but course selection is as well. Now is a great time to think about what AP classes you may be interested in for next year. Although incoming sophomores are only allowed to take one, which is European History, junior and senior year offers much more freedom and flexibility. If you feel that you deeply enjoy a certain subject and want to explore it more, or even if you just want a challenge, AP classes are a great way to demonstrate that interest, as well as showing colleges that you are able to take on college level coursework. However, while considering whether you want to sign up for AP, it’s important to take your own life and your own schedule into account. If you are already short on time in your schedule, and especially if you don’t enjoy the subject you are looking at, then it is much better to forego taking that AP, saving yourself much unneeded stress. Some of the courses CFHS offers includes: AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP United States History, AP English Language, AP World History, and AP Calculus AB and BC. A full list can be viewed here.

Taking an AP class is a wonderful decision that can impact your future in many positive ways, and are an option that everyone should consider.

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AP Testing and Course Selection Information