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Skiing Over Rodeo Break

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One of Tucson’s greatest traits is that fact that Tucsonans love the rodeo. Due to Tucson’s extreme love of the rodeo students all across Tucson get a four day weekend on the week of the rodeo falling over February 22-24th. Over this break many students ditch the rodeo and instead take the time to hit the slopes. Skiing and snowboarding are an extremely popular alternative to attending the rodeo. The two most visited places to ski are Pinetop in Arizona and in Telluride, Colorado. Both locations offer great opportunities for skiers and snowboarders though they each are unique in food, price, and scenery.

Pinetop, Arizona

        Pinetop is a short four-hour drive from Tucson and is extremely popular for its close proximity. Pinetop tends to be much warmer than Colorado presenting the issue of there being actual snow to ski on. Snow conditions tend to be worse in Pinetop due to the warmer weather however, warmer temperatures allow for more opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding, or rock climbing. Pinetop’s main ski park is Sunrise Park Ski Resort where there is ski school, green, blue, and black diamond hills, two ski lifts, and a lodge. Overall, Pinetop is generally for less experienced skiers who are interested in lower prices, and warmer weather.   

Telluride, Colorado

     Telluride is a more popular choice for more experienced skiers who are willing to pay higher prices. These higher prices go towards beautiful views of the Colorado scenery in hotels and lodges. Telluride has much colder temperatures than Pinetop and also offers many more different ski runs and ski lifts. Due to the colder temperatures there aren’t as many other activities offered as there are in Pinetop. Similar to Pinetop Telluride offers a ski school and runs ranging from greens to double blacks. The main ski resort in Telluride is the Telluride Ski resort. Telluride is generally for more experienced skiers who are interested in the beautiful snowy scenery of Colorado.   

        Both options present amazing opportunities for skiers and snowboarders!

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Skiing Over Rodeo Break