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Taylor Skidmore and Zayra Brown

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  Botanic GardenWith the spring season in full swing, new and exciting events are coming with the change in season. In Tucson, there are always several outdoor events that make a boring day better. The Tucson Botanical Garden is a great place to experience the spring season. One of the many wonderful exhibits featured at the Botanical Garden is the Butterfly Magic exhibit. This exhibit is a adventurous twist to experiencing nature and butterflies in a natural habitat.

The Butterfly Magic exhibit is a popular exhibit within the Botanical Garden. The Botanical Garden is located on North Alvernon Way in midtown Tucson. This event takes place from October through May. Sadly, the exhibit ends May 31st. The exhibit is open from 9:30 am to 3pm daily. A great benefit to the exhibit is that there is no extra charge for going to this specific exhibit. It is included with your entry into the Botanical Garden. There’s several exhibits that are featured with entry into the garden. This exhibit is a free, exciting way to experience nature in the spring season.

The Butterfly Magic exhibit is like no other! Have the pleasure of experiencing butterflies surrounding you along with enjoying an impressive selection of tropical plants such as Orchids, Hibiscus, Sword Ferns and Bromeliads in full bloom. Along the way don’t forget to check out the other attractions like the Chrysalis Exhibit, a fascinating look into the metamorphic life of a butterfly and the Dart Frog Terrarium, an easily accessible interpretive display that insures the safety of colorful, yet fragile, amphibians.

With the gardens offering a variety of seasonal plants that attract regional and migrating pollinators including butterflies, bees and birds, there’s something for everyone experience this unique living museum with family or friends.

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Botanical Gardens