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Treat Yourself

Cameron Blake, Journalist

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Everyday for a week I did something to pamper myself to feel like I was living luxuriously. It was really fun to feel almost like a celebrity for a week. It was also so relaxing to feel pampered for a whole week and to experience what it’s like to just focus on myself. It was incredible, but the only downside is that it is very, very expensive. As a high schooler, it is really something that you can only do for just the week.

The first day, I got a really nice pedicure and manicure one day. The next I bought a bunch of face masks and bath bombs and tried a few out. It was really nice feeling like I had a little spa in my home. I used a different bath bomb and the same face mask every night for the rest of the week. Then, I went back to the salon to go get a massage. It was honestly the best feeling and it was great to have someone to cater to you so much. Another day, I went into Sephora and got my makeup done. I’ve never had my makeup done professionally or by anyone except my mom in 5th grade, so it was a really cool experience. I highly recommend it for anytime you need your makeup done for a special occasion, or just for fun. At this point, I decided it was costing too much, so I convinced my boyfriend to give me a foot massage and a back massage.

I highly recommend person having their nails donetrying this out, but with more of a budget. It is perfect for Finals week or the week after. It is so nice to just totally relax and focus on yourself. Though it was really expensive, it was all so worth it and it was a fun experiment to try out.

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Treat Yourself