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Trump in Phoenix

Molly Glenn, Author

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President Trump will be visiting Phoenix on Tuesday, and will likely make some political decisions that may influence the future of Arizona. Before the rally, Trump will be visiting the United States Marine base in Yuma, which is not far from the Mexican border (KGUN, 1). This brings up an important issue for Trump and his supporters, building a wall in attempt to stop unauthorized immigrants from entering the States. Due to Trump’s push for Mexico to pay for the wall, it is more than likely that the relationship between Mexico and the U.S. government will be affected negatively. Aside from his visit to the Marine base, the remainder of Trump’s agenda for Tuesday is outlined with some intriguing plans.

Trump is planning to pardon Joe Arpaio, former Maricopa County Sheriff. Arpaio was convicted due to performing unauthorized immigration sweeps after a federal judge ordered him not to continue the sweeps. The pardon would grant Arpaio freedom from any further punishment for this crime, which is likely to infuriate many people. As a result, there will likely be statewide protests on Tuesday, when the rally is scheduled to take place (Stellar, 2).

This will be the President’s first rally in the West since the election, an important event for his supporters. It is possible that these plans will be the beginning of some political changes for not only Arizona, but the entirety of the States. Political uprising is already in full force, and there may be no stop to it anytime soon.


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Trump in Phoenix