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Chinese New Year 2018

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“Xīn nián kuài lè!” (新年快), that’s “Happy New Year” in Chinese. This year from February 16 to March 2 is the Spring Festival in China, also known as the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is a time of celebration, people gather and have celebrations and there are a lot of ways people celebrate it. It’s also a time when people start over and have new beginnings and reconnect with their family.

A Dragon's head that is lit up and used for decoration


There are many ways to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Clothing is an important part of the New Year as it symbolizes starting fresh, protecting you from evil, and a way to celebrate. Food is a very important part of the New Year, people gather and have big dinners with their family. Some common foods you would see at a dinner are: spring rolls, dumplings, noodles, steamed fish, steamed chicken, hot pot, vegetable dishes, and nián gāo (rice cake). Other than dinner, watching the Chinese New Year Gala is a way many people celebrate. The Gala is a televised event that is very popular, it starts New Year’s Eve night and goes to around midnight New Year’s day. There are many different acts like singing, dancing, comedy, Chinese opera, acrobatics, and magic. As well, the lantern festival is a big event. Everyone in China participates and it is meant to reunite with your family and friends and come together. The lantern festival is where people go out on the streets and light lanterns, socialize, and have fun. Every year children are given red envelopes from family member and those envelopes have money in them. The money is a way to give luck to the children for the new year. The celebrations and traditions are different but those are the most common ones.

Lanterns that are used to celebrate the New Year

There are some ways you can celebrate in Tucson. On February 10 the Tucson mall is having an event that has some performances and a celebration, which is free to attend. Also on February 11 there will be a Chinese New Year Gala at Centennial Hall, it costs $15-$18.




Photo by Oliver Needham on Unsplash 

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Chinese New Year 2018