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Super Blue Blood Moon

Dante DeNiro, Journalist

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One of the most spectacular astronomical events took place early in the morning of the 31st of January, 2018, was called the super blue blood moon. The peak of the event took place at exactly at 7:29 am in Arizona and it was a sight you didn’t want to miss. The color of the moon was a reddish blue depending on where you were on the earth, but not only that it is also a lot larger than it normally is. This reddish hue was caused by the earth shadow across the moon in a total lunar eclipse. The change in size was caused by the moon being at its closest distance from the earth in its orbit. This event will also get the name blue, for being the second full moon in a single mouth. All of these events happening at the same time has given this event the name of the super blue blood moon. The best viewing of this event was on the western half of the United States, there you were able to see the reddish glow and the sheer magnitude of the moon in its full glory. For those who got to witness this event should consider themselves extremely lucky and fortunate to be at the right place at the right time. This is a very uncommon event that will only happen once in your lifetime. In fact, the last time all three of these events happened at the same time it was 1866, that’s a total of 152 years since the last occurrence. So if you missed it then you’re out of luck for another 152 years.

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Super Blue Blood Moon