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Conner Cosgrove Catalina Foothills Boys Soccer Captain

Ethan Hotz, Sports Journalist

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– How long have you been playing soccer?
I have been playing soccer for fourteen years and I am going to continue playing for Pima Community college next year.

– What makes you a unique player?  
Speed and slide tackling are my strong points.

– How does it feel to have scored most of the teams goals?
I don’t care how many goals I score as long as I can help the team win.

– What is the team chemistry like?
The team chemistry in the team has really grown since the beginning of the year. We try to do team activities frequently to help build it even more.

– What do you think is the key to team success?
I think the key to team success is mutual respect for one another. I also think that being able to take criticism from other players is important too.

– What is your responsibility of being the team captain?
My responsibility as one of the team captains is the team looks to me when there is an issue or when there is anything they need. The team looks up to me
and I need to lead by example.

– Has playing sports helped you in school?
Playing soccer has definitely helped me with school because soccer has always been my escape from everything, so when I’m stressed after school then I get to go to practice and do what I love to get my mind off all of the stress.

– How has soccer affected your life?
Soccer has been a huge part of my life since I was three years old because my whole family is involved in soccer in one way or another. My grandfather was a referee for nearly forty years, my dad is the coach at Pima community college who has been to the national tournament several times, and my mom has coached a few teams. It’s always been the sport that I’ve just stuck with throughout everything.

– What is your favorite memory from either club soccer or high school soccer?
My favorite memory was my freshman year when I made varsity for the first time. Our team was just really fun to be around and we all loved spending time together and there were seniors who really respected me even though I was a little scared freshman.
Conner Cosgrove in our new blue away uniform

– Is it tough to balance soccer and school?
School has never been a strong area for me in general because I’ve always been the athletic type instead of the school type. It definitely took me longer than most kids to adjust to high school so that affected my soccer life a lot at first. But it’s gotten easier as I’ve gotten older and now it’s become a daily routine, so I would say that it used to be difficult but it’s not as difficult anymore.




Photo 1: credit: Ethan Hotz

Photo 2 : credit: Ethan Hotz 

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Conner Cosgrove Catalina Foothills Boys Soccer Captain