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Interview: Welcoming the New Principal, Ms. Jody Brase

Jacob Brandt, Editor-in-Chief

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Jody Brase. Photo from the Catalina Foothills High School webpage.First semester is finally behind us and there is only one hurdle left before the end of the year. For seniors, it will be their last semester ever as high school students and for freshman, it will be the end of the beginning to their high school journey. But most of all, it will be Ms. Brase’s first year as principal. Following Dr. Chomokos’ departure, the superintendent went directly to Ms. Brase, who has had about twenty years in administration and teaching experience, asking if she would fulfill the role. Last month, I had the privilege of interviewing Ms. Brase on her take as being principal: What the work is like compared to her previous title as Assistant Principal? What goals does she have for the future of our school? And what the most important part of being Principal is? It was surprising to hear that along with her regular duties, Ms. Brase’s time is largely devoted to overseeing the success of students and interactive teaching styles that are imperative to student learning. Ms. Brase stated, “I sit with teachers and we do an evaluation system… I am observing what [they’re] doing, what the kids are doing, and [they are] bringing to me assessments and grades so I can look at how they are progressing.”

Ms. Brase said to a great extent that the job transition was not a huge step up because she has been familiar with the work and she knows the community, students and faculty. Being a former elementary school teacher also helped Ms. Brase understand what staff do on a daily basis. Additionally, when asked about the SWEEP policy implemented last year, Ms. Brase revealed the decision to institute such a policy was made out of the concern for the number of interruptions seen in first period due to tardiness. School officials knew the policy would feel impunitive to students, but the results were a dramatic decrease in the number of students late to their first class.

With respect to possible future changes, Ms. Brase said to expect additions to the current electives offered by the school in the coming years that are career focused and designed to help students fully explore things they may be interested in. Creating sustainable change at the high school begins with student ambitions, and seeing us succeed demonstrates to Ms. Brase that not only she is doing a good job, but everyone involved in our education is too. It was a delight to get to interview her and we should look forward to the great things to come.

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Interview: Welcoming the New Principal, Ms. Jody Brase