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Pomline’s Unforgettable First Year

Allyson Hadley, Journalist

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As the year comes to a close and students begin to prepare for summer; it is inevitable to reflect on the past school year’s many accomplishments. This school year was filled with success ranging from academic to athletics and one of the major ones-that I have personal experience with-is the newly founded Catalina Foothills High School pomline. Pomline has existed for many years at CFHS though this was the first year that pomline became its own entity, breaking away from the band. Throughout its first year, the pomline overcame many challenges and underwent numerous learning experiences while making great accomplishments along the way.   

One of the most common places to see “pommies” is at high school football and basketball games. Pomline members stand on the sidelines performing various short dances to entertain the audience and support a sense of school spirit. Little does the audience know the dedication and time devoted to these short dances. Pomline members are required to memorize approximately ten dances in only a few short weeks before performing at their first football game. The dances have to be cleaned meticulously until they have been perfected and are performance ready. In addition to performing these sidelines and cadences, pomline members also performed at pep rallies and halftimes of sporting events. This year’s pomline’s first pep rally performance was unforgettable. The drop split at the end of the routine created such a loud applause from the crowd that it could be heard from miles away. The team spent hours practicing the routine until it was performance ready and could not have asked for a better reaction from the students.    

In addition to such performances, the pomline competed at their first ever competition this year. The competition was called “Cheer for Charity” and was held in Phoenix. These were completely new waters for the pomline; never before in CFHS history had a pomline competed at a competition on its own. As expected, hours of preparation went in to cleaning the competition piece that was performed. The pomline ended up winning in their intermediate jazz category and taking home a banner, the first of its kind (that is currently on display in the gym). This was a major achievement for the pomline seeing as it was their first time competing and that their first year as their own separate group was one that required much trial and error. Overall, the pomline’s first year was one to remember though their hours of hard work and dedication to putting on successful performances at school and in competitions.     


Pomline members pose with a banner at a competition

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Pomline’s Unforgettable First Year