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Are You Ready, Kids?

Victoria Ariate-Jover, Journalist

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Nothing is better than going to the beach on a hot, summer day and enjoying the ocean view. You typically put on your favorite swimsuit, best pair of sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Friday, Oct. 9, Catalina Foothills celebrated homecoming with beach day!


Although it was not summer and very windy that Friday, many students put on their best beach attire for spirit day, Beach Day. With many students wearing hats, floral clothing and even toy floats, it definitely had a beachy feel.


Friday was also the day of the first pep rally of the 2015-2016 school year. With all classes pumped up to show their spirit for the school, the pep rally was one to remember.


Student council members were dressed up in beach attire and a couple even dressed like a few Spongebob characters. Hector Garavito and Nizar Hadeli put on clothes to represent Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy from Nickelodeon’s famous television show Spongebob Squarepants.


This year’s emcees were Liam Giffin, Cammy Stevenson, Ellie Jobst, Nizar Hadeli and Hector Garavito who are all a part of Student Council.


The pep rally began with the Change of Pace choir singing “Star Spangled Banner” and then had the usual spirit battles between the four classes. Of course, the seniors won the competition, as always.


Junior Elana Burtman comments, “I thought it was great to see all of student council’s hard work pay off in regards to unifying the classes while celebrating individual talents simultaneously.”


There were performances from the CFHS pomline and cheer team, along with a competitive game between homecoming court couples and teachers. In between performances, the school gave recognition to the senior fall sports members including volleyball, football, swim and dive, cross country and golf.


There is always a competition between the seniors and juniors at pep rallies to show who has more spirit. Senior Amy Yunjin expresses her thoughts, “Our pep rally this year has been so much better, I don’t know if it’s because we’re seniors and we are full of spirit, but I got more into it. Just thinking that it was our last year together makes it’s kinda crazy and sad at the same time so it helps me to get out there more than usual.”


Towards the end of the pep rally it was the moment all seniors were looking forward to – the announcement of the grad night theme. There were some difficulties with the audio for the video announcement, but this year’s theme is “Road Trip.”


Senior Erin Garrett says, “I think our Grad Night theme is unique this year and I would have never guessed it would be ‘Road Trip.’ I’m excited to see how they portray the theme because I’m honestly clueless. I’m definitely planning on going because that will be the last time I’ll be with my class as a whole before we all go our separate ways.”
Overall the pep rally was filled with excitement and spirit from all four classes, especially the juniors and seniors.

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Are You Ready, Kids?